Spiritual Grounding: 7 Methods to Ground Yourself

Do you live in your headspace? Do you find it hard to connect with the here and now?

How often does your mind drift to the “should’ve” of the past or the “what-if” of the future?

Do you find yourself tired and drained because your emotions run high incessantly?

You are not alone. Being “ungrounded” is probably one of the most common problems for people who are on the spiritual journey. Practices that require us to get out of our body to explore the astral world sometimes cut our cords with the reality.

Spiritual grounding, a practice that connects you with the Mother Earth, is an essential tool to pull your awareness back to the physical plane.

By anchoring you to the reality, it also allows you to venture further into the spiritual realm.

What is Spiritual Grounding? What Does It Mean to be Grounded?

Grounding is about the awareness that you live a physical life while being a spirit in nature.

It balances you spiritual and physical energy so that you can fully engage in activities in both realms.

When you stay grounded, you feel secure in your body and safe in the here and now. You enjoy your physical experiences while mastering the skills to explore the spiritual realm.

The Importance of Staying Grounded

Grounding can be beneficial to everyone. But for those who walk between the spiritual and physical realms, grounding is an indispensable tool to stay balanced.

  • Grounding Discharges Excess Emotions.

When you activate your upper chakras to access higher dimensions, your sensitivity increases. It leaves you susceptible to all types of emotions. You might feel overwhelmed and drained not just by your emotions but others’ as well.

Spiritual grounding anchors your attention to the physical reality so that you disengage with emotions and thoughts that don’t serve you.

When you stop charging them with your energy, they will dissipate over time.

Besides, when you feel drained, the healing light from the earth can replenish your energy and make you feel rejuvenated.

  • Grounding Shatters Fears.

How often do you regret the “should’ve” in the past or fear the “what if” in the future?

By bringing your awareness to the here and now, spiritual grounding releases your emotional burdens attached to the past and the future. The moment you become present, a sense of security and relief will rush through you.

  • Grounding Brings Your Inspiration to Fruition.

You can talk to spirits, you can access your Akashic Records, and you can channel cosmic wisdom. These skills supply you with infinite inspirations, but without physical actions, they will never come to fruition.

Grounding pulls your consciousness back to the physical plane and urges you to act. Charge your ideas by taking actions, and they will manifest much faster.

  • Grounding Enhances Your Spiritual Practices.

To open higher chakras, activate psychic abilities, and tune in higher dimensions for advanced spiritual exercises, you need a stable “base.”

Spiritual grounding strengthens your connection with the Earth so that you know that you’re rooted in the physical plane.

It is an essential tool for you to feel safe in your spiritual progression.

When You’re Ungrounded …

Staying grounded plays a vital role in maintaining your physical and emotional health. When you’re ungrounded, you might exhibit the following traits:

  • Highly sensitive, and experiencing a lot of emotional ups and downs;
  • Feeling overwhelmed, anxious, and frightful;
  • Feeling spaced out, lighted headed, or dizzy;
  • Forgetful, like missing appointments, assignments, and where you just placed your items;
  • Feeling like you don’t belong “here” in the physical world; you long to go “home” to higher realms;
  • Incessant daydreaming;
  • Losing track during a conversation or when you engage in any other activities because you’re not paying attention.

How to Ground Yourself: 7 Methods

Grounding is an integral part of your spiritual journey, but before you learn how to ground yourself, know that grounding has its challenges.

If you are experiencing emotional or physical pain, grounding may amplify your distress, as it requires you to stay present and be aware of your body.

For this reason, you might want to check the following articles/videos and work on alleviating your pain first:

Let’s dive in the seven methods to stay spiritually grounded.

#1. Get in Touch with the Earth

Walking or merely standing allows you to make contact with the earth. Take off the shoes as they block the energy from flowing through your feet and body.

Feel the earth beneath your feet and be present with the sensation with every step you take. To enhance the healing effect, add in breathing.

With every breath, breathe in the healing light, the energy, and the nutrient from the earth; Breathe out the tension, anxiety, stress, fear, or any thoughts and emotions that bother you.

You can also sit or lie down on the ground. Touch the ground with your palm. Lie down on your stomach and touch the ground with your forehead.

Gardening and playing with the soil are also great ways to get in touch with the earth.

#2. Bring Your Attention to the Here and Now

By bringing your awareness to the here and now, you become connected with the physical reality. As you release negative emotions from the past and the future, not only will you stay centered and grounded, but your vibration will also increase.

One way to achieve this is to scan your body. From the toes, through the body, all the way to the head, observe how each part feels. Are you feeling any sensation? Do you notice any tension? As you scan your body, breathe deep.

You can also observe the surroundings. Use all your five senses. What is temperature? Do you hear any sounds? Where does it come from? Does any object catch your interest? What color is it? What is it made of? When you touch it, how does it feel?

#3. Eat Root Vegetables

Eating grounds you by reminding you that you have a physical body. Root vegetables that grow underneath the earth have powerful grounding effects as they carry the earth energy.

Potatoes, carrots, beetroots, sweet potatoes, radishes, and ginger are typical root vegetables that help you feel more centered.

Eat mindfully and appreciate how the food tastes. While helping help you digest, it also brings your attention to the present moment, which adds to the spiritual grounding effect.

#4. Carry Grounding Stones

Stones and crystals can help you ground because of their high vibrations. When you share the same space with them, your vibration and frequency need to increase to match theirs.

Some typical grounding stones are black tourmaline, hematite, smoky quartz, red jasper, and tiger iron.

You can ask for advice while you shop. Another way is to keep the intention of purchasing the one that best suits you and choose the one that resonates with you the most.

Have the stones close to you to maximize the spiritual grounding effect. Hold them in your hand, put them in your pocket, or create lovely jewelry using these stones and wear them throughout the day.

#5. Use Colors to Stay Grounded

Spiritual grounding is associated with activation of the root chakra, which is represented by the color red. Ungroundedness in the result of the root chakra blockage, and you feel fear, insecurity, and lacking energy.

Use red to activate your root chakra. Wear red, eat red foods, bring more red in your house, etc. Simply looking at something red can help you stimulate this base chakra.

Besides, earthy tones, such as brown and tan, also have a spiritual grounding effect. They create a warm, protective, and welcoming atmosphere that makes you feel safe instantly.

#6. Grounding Meditation: Imagine Yourself as a Tree

Guided meditation can help you stay grounded. The typical one is as follows:

  • Sit upright on a comfortable chair, with your feet on the floor. Close your eyes. Focus on your breath.
  • Imagine roots growing out from your feet, then sinking deep into the ground. The roots reach the center of the Earth. Anchor them there.
  • Then pull the energy from the Earth up through these roots to you. Let it run through your root chakra first, and throughout the entire body.

By connecting yourself with the center of the Mother Earth, you become more balanced, stabilized, grounded in the physical plane.

#7. Exercise … or Simply Move Your Body

Exercises get you in touch with your body and remind you that you live a physical life.

Spiritual people can become too obsessed with the heart that they forget about the body. But the latter is a vessel through which you can carry out your creative ideas and inspirations.

Tending to your body IS an essential spiritual practice.

You don’t need the hustle and bustle of the gym to get grounded. Walking, jogging, yoga, and dancing are great exercises that let you interact with your body. If your schedule is too tight, simple physical activities such as cooking dinner, washing dishes, and tidying up your room can also help you stay grounded.


Grounding builds a bridge between the spiritual and physical realms and is an important skill to master if you want to optimize your experiences in both worlds.

Incorporate it into your daily rituals and grounding will become your second nature. You will also develop your own grounding system. What resonates with you is what works best for you.

What methods have you used for grounding, and how well are they working?

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