How I Overcome Shame and Be My Authentic Self

I want to share with you my story of dealing with shame. I reckon you might have felt it before. So I hope this post can shed some light on this subject. I grew up in a traditional Chinese family. My parents had high expectations of me, and they always feared that if I weren’t good enough, my life would […]

How A Random Act of Kindness Raises My Vibration In an Instant

What makes you happy? Grabbing everything that you can for yourself? Chasing career success and material gains? Having fulfilling relationships? Or indulging in worldly pleasure and luxury? It turns out none of these can bring you long-lasting happiness and satisfaction. Scientific research and anecdotal evidence have both suggested that helping others, especially when you do so without expecting returns, is […]

Eat Happy Again: 6 Steps to Start Intuitive Eating

Do you count calories for every meal? Do you worry that you’re not getting enough nutrients from the food that you eat? Are you baffled by the different dieting tips and advice and don’t know who to listen to? Low-carb, ketogenetics, vegetarian, vegan, fasting and detox, etc. They all seem viable choices for you to eat healthy and lose weight. […]

What to Do When You’re Depressed and Suffering Alone?

When I first thought about this subject, I researched on my favorite social media platform Pinterest, and I was astounded by the many sad, helpless quotes from people who suffer from severe depression and feel alone and by how popular those quotes are. Assuming that people repin these quotes because they speak of their feelings? “I’m the type of girl […]

12 Ways to Love Yourself Unconditionally

Loving yourself may have become a self-help cliché, but I never grasp its importance until I knew about the Law of Attraction. Under this law, like attracts like. Therefore, when you vibrate at the frequency of “I love myself,” you draw people who love you to your experience. On the contrary, if you believe that you don’t deserve love, you […]