16 Ways to Raise Your Vibration and Increase Your Frequency

High Vibrations vs. Low Vibrations

If you land on this page, you may have already heard of vibrations and frequencies: we, as well as everything else in the world, are fluid energy vibrating at billions of different frequencies. And there are high frequencies and low frequencies.

When you vibrate at a high frequency, you are in a heightened state of consciousness: you are more connected to Source and to your true self, you are more aware of what happens around you, and you perceive things with more clarity, like looking at them from the mountaintop. You feel joy, love, health, abundance, empowerment, and in control—life is at ease and you just go with the flow. Your creativity level also increases and new ideas come to you effortlessly.

On the other hand, when you vibrate at a low frequency, your consciousness contracts and is restricted by the ego. You may feel fear, anxiety, anger, grief, depression, and disempowerment. You may also suffer from poor health as your immune system goes down. In a word, high-frequency vibrations bring us success, opportunities, happiness, health, and abundance while low-frequency vibrations prevent us from experiencing those sweet things in life

16 ways to raise your vibration and increase your frequency

Challenges and adversities might knock at the door at times, but it is absolutely in our power to raise our vibration and allow good things to happen. Below are 16 methods that have worked wonder for me:

1. Follow Your Excitement

Nothing that can lift your vibration more than following your joy and nothing can lower it more than being forced to do things that you hate. The excitement we feel when we are fully engaged in our heart desires is the indication that we are in alignment with our Higher Self, which is our natural state of being and is vibrating at high frequency at all times.

When you follow your highest excitement, do not worry about outcomes. Know that your Higher Self will guide you on the path of least resistance and you will receive help in the form of intuition and synchronicity when you need it—pay close attention to how you feel and act on your instinct.

2. Practice Self-Love

Love has the vibration of Source and unconditional self-love vibrates at the highest frequency among all forms of love. Love and embrace who you are, let go of judgment against yourself, take care of your emotions, and make time for yourself to do what makes you happy. It is only when your needs and wants are fulfilled that you would stop vibrating at the low frequency of lack.

3. Commit to A Healthy Diet

When we eat foods, their vibrations become ours. Fresh fruits and vegetables carry the highest vibrations among all, especially when they are organic and raw. On the other hand, processed, canned and artificial foods have low vibrations and do not provide much energy. Reduce the amount of meat and dairy product intake and stay away from alcohol if you care to live a conscious and high-vibe life.

That said, there is no point following a high-vibe diet while feeling sulky about it. Simply be aware of what you eat and ditch one unhealthy habit each day. The good news is that, as your vibration improves, you will no longer be a match to the junk foods that you used to crave.

4. Exercise

Exercise increases the production and release of serotonin—the so-called happy hormone—and raises your vibration and frequency. It isn’t necessary to hit the gym seven days a week and exhaust yourself with high-intensity workouts. Jogging, dancing, aerobic exercise, or even a thirty-minute walk are enough to get your energy moving. Commit to exercising regularly and give in to no excuses. In this Universe, our vibration is the only currency to get everything we want.

5. Meditate

Our mind gives us the ability to reason and analyze and sets us apart from other living things, but overusing it spells problems. When we think too much, worry enters, anxiety creeps in, and doubt and fear arise, and our vibration drops.

Meditation serves to calm the mind. When we take a moment to sit back, breathe deep, and observe our thoughts without judgment, we are allowing the universal light and energy to flow through our body and help us heal, and our vibration elevates. Start practicing for a few minutes every day and increase the duration as you get used to it. You will fall in love with the serenity and the stillness!

6. Practice Random Acts of Kindness

Any act of kindness—sparing a few dollars to the homeless on the street, speaking kind words to a stranger, or simply smiling to those that come into contact—raises not only the vibration of the receiver but that of yours. For when we help without expectation, we are embracing our true self and vibrating at the high frequency of unconditional love. This is why helping others feels good. We all love to help, but sometimes we forget about it because we are too focused on our own lack. But helping others would never deplete us. On the contrary, when we adopt an attitude of abundance and believe that we have more than enough to take care of ourselves and share with others, our reality will begin to reflect that.

7. Adopt an Attitude of Gratitude

Those that are the happiest do not necessarily have everything in the world but they choose to focus on what they have instead of what they lack. When you focus on lack, negative emotions set in and you are bound to attract more lack to your life. Change your focal point to the myriad of fortune that life has offered you, you would have a sense of abundance immediately and your vibration would lift in an instant.

Keep a gratitude journal and note down five things that you are thankful for each day. Just to keep you fed, clothed and housed, someone else has to make an effort. Be grateful for what you have and you will receive more of them.

Increase your frequency with Gratitude

8. Go into Nature

Nature has the therapeutic power that alleviates stress, anxiety, and depression. Walk barefoot on the Mother Earth, feel the running water with your hands, and breathe the fresh air in the bush—when you take time off the technology confinement and run into the loving embrace of nature, you will find your vibration lifted in an instant.

9. Be Inquisitive

The path to enlightenment is the path to knowledge and wisdom—one has to be curious. Every question you ask and every answer you get will lead you to a higher level of consciousness and open you up more questions, more answers, and more expansive consciousness. The more aware you are about your life, the more you excavate limiting thoughts and beliefs and eradicate them, the more capable you are of raising your vibration and frequency.

When you have a question in mind, books that you read, conversations that you (over)hear, or even signs on the street that you are drawn to might carry the answer. Pay attention and it will present itself to you.

10. Drop Your Judgment

The moment that you say ‘This is bad’ or ‘I don’t like this’, you are bound to attract the exact same thing that you don’t want to your life. For our Universe is like a hologram that reflects our thoughts to our reality. Understand that duality is an illusion and nothing is inherently good or bad, right or wrong, or high or low. It is we that assign positive and negative connotations to things that we experience.

Harder than dropping judgment against others is dropping judgment against yourself. After all, you can’t judge others without judging yourself first. But when you sabotage yourself and question your worthiness, you slip into low vibrations. Abstain from doing so—we are all worthy beings that deserve to be happy and loved.

11. Forgive

Any form of forgiving is, in essence, forgiving yourself. When you hold grunge, you put yourself in the position of a victim and you deny your power to take charge. Powerlessness has low vibration and the resentment that we carry only serves to magnetize more people to do us harm.

Every trauma shows us a lesson to learn and those who hurt us help us to grow. Life is less about getting everything right so that we can be happy forever than about evolving and expanding through difficulties and pain. Forgive those who “teach you lessons” and move on. When you can finally let go of the hatred and resentment, you will no longer attract people that will hurt you.

12. Stay Present

We feel stuck when we think of the past or future—too many misfortunes to mourn and too many unseen risks to fear. However, our perceptions of both are heavily colored by our current state of mind and barely resemble the truth. The only moment that is real is Right Now. Be fully present with what you do, soak in the excitement of doing it, and your vibration will lift instantly.

13. Be Aware of People Around You

Be with people with high vibration if you can. They could be anyone around you that is bright and positive. Not only can their high frequency lift yours, but you can also observe how they think and behave and learn from them how to maintain high vibes.

If you have to deal with negative people, remember to protect your own “field”. The higher vibration you have, the more “discordance” you may feel with these people. Don’t let what they say and do affect you and ignore them if you need to. Be sure to walk away from conflicts—a surefire to lower your vibration.

14. Embrace Negative Emotions

No matter how hard you try, it is impossible to your vibe high all the time. In fact, if you try to run away from negative emotions when they appear, they will bounce back until you face them with courage.

To deal with negative emotions, validate their presence and acknowledge that you have every right to feel upset because something bad happened. Take a deep breath, be present with the feelings, and allow yourself to feel them. You can even give them names, shapes, colors, and textures, and extend your unconditional love to them. They will dissipate gradually.

15. Get Help from Your Guides

When none of the above work, I would ask my spirit guides to help raise my vibration. Spirit guides are incorporeal beings that were assigned to us before birth and have overseen our growth since we were born. Loving and compassionate, our guides are more than happy to offer us assistance—only if we ask as they don’t want to interfere with our free will. You can say it out loud or simply ask in your head: “Can you show me how to raise my vibration?”, and your quest will be responded.

16. Commit to Happiness

We never learned how to raise our vibration at schools but it is no less a skill than learning a new language, and it takes time and practice. There are no guidelines or handbooks for it, but along the way, you will develop your own system and know what works best for you. Commit to mastering this skill and you will eventually succeed through a path that requires you the least amount of effort.

raise your vibration, increase your frequency


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