The #1 Reason Why Relationships Fail and 5 Essential Steps to Prevent It

We all want to keep our relationships sound and intact so that someone loves, caresses and cares for us, and we do the same for them. However, many relations fail and fall apart, hurting both people. You might think the one who does the breaking up stays untouched, but separation inflicts pain on anyone. Infidelity, codependency, lack of communication, money […]

Why Being Smart Can Be Detrimental and How You Can Make Remedies

What leads to success, wealth, and happiness? Many of us think the answer is being smart. We believe that smartness contributes to academic excellence, high salary, fast career advancement, and a happier life in general. However, more and more people realize that there are major downsides of being smart, as evidenced by this thread with 100+ answers on Quora: “When […]

How A Random Act of Kindness Raises My Vibration In an Instant

What makes you happy? Grabbing everything that you can for yourself? Chasing career success and material gains? Having fulfilling relationships? Or indulging in worldly pleasure and luxury? It turns out none of these can bring you long-lasting happiness and satisfaction. Scientific research and anecdotal evidence have both suggested that helping others, especially when you do so without expecting returns, is […]